Temporary Extended Unemployment Compensation

Congress has passed and the president has signed public law 108-11 which provides special temporary extended unemployment compensation for displaced airline related workers only. This program will be referred to as TEUC-A.

What is TEUC-A? Temporary Extended Unemployment Compensation is for displaced airline related workers (TEUC-A) only and provides up to 39 weeks of benefits to unemployed workers whose exhausted regular unemployment compensation (UC) claim was based in whole, or in part, on qualifying employment for a certified air carrier, employment at a facility at an airport, or with a producer or supplier of products or services directly to an air carrier. Any regular TEUC benefits received were deducted from benefits available under this special program.

Who are eligible individuals for TEUC-A?

Potentially eligible individuals are those individuals who had exhausted regular, additional, extended or regular TEUC benefits, or had an existing TEUC claim on file with a balance remaining whose regular claim for UC was based in whole, or in part, on employment and wages from the qualifying employment described above, and, who was laid-off from such employment on or after September 11, 2001 due to:

The reductions in airline service because of the terrorist actions of September 11, 2001, or,

The closure of a U.S. airport because of the terrorist actions or security measures, or,

The conflict with Iraq.

When will TEUC-A benefits be paid?

Unemployed eligible individuals will receive TEUC-A benefits for weeks of unemployment beginning after April 16, 2003 (date of enactment). These benefits had to be applied for through the last week ending before December 29, 2003. Individuals having a remaining balance in their account as of December 28, 2003, may continue to receive benefits for weeks of unemployment during a phase-out period that ends the week beginning on or before December 26, 2004. Eligibility will be determined by the state which paid an individual’s regular claim.

How will they be notified?

Potentially eligible individuals were sent a notice and application form for Temporary Extended Unemployment Compensation for Displaced Airline Related Workers.