Law Enforcement Officials

The Internal Security Division (ISEC) may be able to supply an individual's employer and/or the individual's resident address to inquiring law enforcement officials, who have established the needed linkage with ISEC.

You may contact ISEC by telephone (334) 242-8120 or fax (334) 353-9228 if you are currently on the approved list to receive information.  If you are not on the approved list, you may obtain approval by faxing a written request from your supervisor on your department letterhead to ISEC (334) 353-9228.  Your request will be reviewed by the ISEC Director.  If approved, your requested information will be returned by fax or telephone as soon as posible.

What information is needed by ISEC?

We need a name and social security number. The individual's date of birth is also helpful.

If you are requesting information on more than 3 individuals please use this Law Enforcement Request Form *.  Print, complete and fax the form to (334) 353-9228.

What wage period is covered on your search of individuals?

Our Wage systems covers the last five completed calendar quarters. We can give you places of employment in Alabama during this period.

If the individual has applied for Unemployment Compensation we will have an address for the individual.


Internal Security Division Phone (334) 242-8120
Brent Langley, Supervisor 
Sandra Moore, Administrative Assistant
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